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Strategic Coach Overview

Business Coaching Programs Designed For Entrepreneurs



Since 1989, Strategic Coach® has been on the forefront of entrepreneurial coaching, providing our clients with the framework for having an extraordinary entrepreneurial life — one quarter at a time.


The Strategic Coach® Program provides a rare opportunity to plan for your 10x future, determine how best to get there, and strategize about what’s most pressing in your business right now. It’s a chance to gain new insights from people in other industries and other parts of the world. You’ll come away with prioritized, concrete action steps, new tools and capabilities, and a plan for the next 90 days.


We’re an entrepreneurial company that has worked closely with more than 20,000 entrepreneurs from 60-plus industries worldwide. The collective wisdom of this powerful, active, and curated community gives us a unique coaching advantage. All that we’ve learned has evolved into a complete, proven support system to help you transform your business and achieve new levels of freedom and success.


We’ve taken all of our experience in working with successful, motivated, and ambitious entrepreneurs and created a blueprint for you to successfully progress through The Strategic Coach® Program:

  • At the center is our Signature Program where you’ll learn core entrepreneurial strategies that will give you the foundation you need to create a strong and thriving Self-Managing Company®. These workshops are offered with both virtual and in-person options.
  • This experience is vital to moving into our 10x Ambition Program, which is focused on getting 10x results in the areas that will make the biggest difference for you. It’s all about leveraging what you already know and focusing in with laser precision.
  • From there, you may qualify to move into the leading edge of Strategic Coach — The Free Zone Frontier® coached by Dan Sullivan. This program focuses on how you can collaboratively combine your best capabilities and resources with others’ to create entirely new entrepreneurial possibilities and payoffs that grow extraordinarily quickly in ways amazingly free of competition.


The Signature Program has been designed to have a compounding effect on your results and mindsets, with each year having a strategic focus:

  • In Year 1, we focus entirely on you, your vision, your personal productivity, and the teamwork to make it possible. We look at the habits, boundaries, and mindsets that will give you the confi­dence and accountability to up your game.
  • Year 2 is focused on what you do to create value in your market. We’ll give you tools and strategies to identify, package, and expand your innovation so you can bypass competition and stagnation.
  • Once you’re operating at new levels of productivity and creativity, we use Year 3 to help you build and develop a multiplier organization — one that leverages your Unique Ability®, strengthens your culture and purpose, and positions you as a leader in your industry.

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After the first three years of The Signature Program, we move to a dynamic and exciting structure with The 10x Ambition Program, creating new workshops quarterly that focus on the most essential dangers and opportunities that our clients are experi­encing. We are living in an abundant and exponential time, and this powerful structure allows participants to have the most impactful, relevant, game-changing conversations to accelerate and multiply their growth.


We understand and appreciate that everyone progresses at different speeds, so we’ve created a fast track strategy for those entrepreneurs coming into Strategic Coach who are looking to accelerate into Dan Sullivan’s Free Zone Frontier Program. Dan requires Free Zone Frontier participants to have a minimum of one year in The Signature Program and one year in The 10x Ambition Program to ensure you have the foundation and momentum needed to get the most out of the conversations and strategies shared in this forward-thinking workshop.


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